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f*ck it BRAND stands for honest self expression. Whether it be in sports, music, art, or during our day to day; wearing f*ck it BRAND apparel, tells the world you’re not afraid to express yourself. 
So, we set out to start a company that will promote the spirit of f*ck it.
What is a f*ck it moment?
Maybe you realize you were wasting your life in a dead end job for all the wrong reasons, and quit. Maybe It’s that split second decision you make to no longer take your partner's shit and realize you’re strong enough to walk away. Or in contrary decide to stop being afraid and tell them that you love them more than ever and you want to marry them. A f*ck it moment can menfiest in sports, music, art and in any other walk of life. Whatever your f*ck it moment is, we believe that expressing it can help us all feel more free in this world, and get much more out of our lives.
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For any share of your f*ck it moment, you’ll get an automatic 10% discount on the entire f*ck it BRAND collection, and the best f*ck it moment of the month will receive any four collection items for FREE!